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The Vaulthouse LLC Pole Rental Pricing


-You must be a Vaulthouse Club Member to rent poles.

-Poles can be swapped out as a vaulter progresses at no cost.

-Pole vault poles can break. Poles are made of glass (fiberglass). Treat them with care.

-Poles should be returned unbroken, undamaged and able to be jumped on or usable.

-Deductible - Fee paid for a broken or damaged pole that is returned and is unusable. 

Fee includes getting a 2nd pole to replace the broken pole at no rental cost. 

-Pole Returns

School Year - Due at or before May 16th, 2020 NC Outdoor State Meet.

Full Year - Due at or before August 16th, 2020 End of Outdoor Season.


-Late Fee – $100 Fee will be charged to credit card for each pole if not returned within  7 days of due date.      


School Year – May 16th, 2020       


Full Year – August 16th, 2020


-A $3.50 convenience fee will be charged for all credit card transactions.

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